Hydraulic Hose Shop

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American Hose & Hydraulics Hose Shop

American Hose and Hydraulics owns and operates an in-house hose shop where we fabricate and modify hoses for any type of equipment. We Provide a wide selection of hydraulic hose types and materials from rubber, metal, specialty chemical to general purpose housing. We provide quick turn around time one hour hydraulic hose fabrications, because they are assembled in house. We use top manufactures hose, fittings, and adapters in low, medium and high-pressure hoses that are made to your exact specifications.

Our company takes extra quality control measures before we assemble and ship all of the hydraulic hoses we fabricate and assemble. Our technicians thoroughly internally clean the hoses before the hose ends are crimped on. This allows the crimped fitting to bond better with the hose.


We stock our fitting, seals and hoses in boxes, away from light that can cause damage to these vital parts when stock for a long period of time. We own and operate a efficient, clean and organized hydraulic hose machine shop because we understand the importance of your company machines running machines without unnecessary down-time.


When you need anything hose and hydraulic related, please give us a call now at (973) 684-3225 and one of our sales representative will provide you with all the information and a solution to getting your hydraulic equipment working immediately!  Our hydraulic shops are opem Monday to Saturdays all year long.




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