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American Hose & Hydraulics provides quality hydraulic and industrial hose services in New Jersey and the East Coast. We are specialists and innovators providing quality and value in the Hydraulic hose and fittings field. When you need an unusual hose or hydraulic part immediately, call American Hose and Hydraulics now. We have made a commitment to provide the most reliable and dependable service to our customers, while providing some of the most reasonable rates in the hydraulic service industry.


These Helpful Hydraulic links provides product information and hydraulic tips of hose safety.

North American Hydraulic The mission of NAHAD is to promote a high standard of professionalism and integrity within the hose and accessories industry by providing a medium for communications, education and training, so that quality is maximized and profitability enhanced.

The mission of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) reports on hydraulic hoses having life spans. That piece of used equipment you just bought might have been a deal, but make a thorough inspection of the hydraulic hoses before it is placed in service.

American Equipment Manufactures: AEM membership is made up of more than 800 companies and represents 200+ product lines. AEM’s role is to provide trade association services on a global basis for companies that manufacture equipment worldwide in the following industries: Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Utility.

 Hydraulic & Pneumatics: Hydraulics & Pneumatics is the leading international technical magazine of fluid power. Its articles describe many different designs and advances in fluid power technology, through both technology articles and application stories.

 Articles on hydraulic tips and helpful information

Body Armor for Hydraulic Hose: A leaky hose can shoot fluid at bullet like velocities. Here’s how to better-protect workers.

Hydraulic hose carries to new lengths: Magazine article from: Hydraulics & Pneumatics about Car carriers use a lot of hose - in the neighborhood of 3000 to 5000 ft per carrier.

How to Replace Hydraulic Hose and Fittings: Magazine article from Construction Equipment:  Mental snapshot of the grief a bad hydraulic-hose assembly can cause? Visualize shops that sell a major brand of hydraulic hose and fittings. Today, the latter, uniformity to the manufacture of hydraulic hose, minimum standards for its construction.

Safety and maintenance tips for non-conductive hose: Magazine article from: Public Works The wire reinforcement in most hydraulic hose is conductive to electricity...thermoplastic and wire reinforced hydraulic hose.

Squeezing hose into cramped quarters : Magazine article from: Hydraulics & Pneumatics of which are plumbed with hydraulic hose. In many cases, rigid tubing...without the flexibility of hose.

Troubleshooting hose failures : Magazine article from: Plant Engineering The life span of any hydraulic hose is dependent on many factors...a result of these factors, hydraulic hose assemblies fail and should...maintenance.

Hose sales sprout as the automakers redesign : Purchasing this growth will be due to increased sales of hydraulic hose. Buyers often opt for hydraulic hose in many instances because they have little choice:


Find the right hose: The folks from Pirtek, the hose-service company, recommend using the acronym STAMPED to get all the information necessary to find the correct hydraulic hose to make a replacement assembly.